07 March 2013

Hello, this is the development log for my 2013 7 day roguelike entry. I will post the working title and description in a few days once the comp starts.

More on the tools I will be using

I will be coding this in Python, using the PyGame library for graphical stuff. The basic and reusable UI library I whipped up should do fine, and everything will be keyboard accessible. Everything.

I’d like to include some music this time, if this happens it will be tracked sound modules, these deliver stunning 8-bit love into your head with remarkably small file sizes. Milkytracker is one of the many out there.

I use GIMP for raster image editing. The game images will be loaded from a single image map, it will be mono color, while clever hue trickery in code will change it’s colors for certain things.

Geany is the editor of choice (vi over ssh), scrot for screen grabs, and mpd + ncmpcpp for my listening pleasure.

I develop on Crunchbang Linux with snapwm window manager. here is what it looks like, showing off the UI tech demo and my music playlist.

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