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Bass Löver migrated

15 April 2023 by Wesley

In 2017 I wrote code to generate lakes using cellular automata, I then began work to turn that code into a slow-paced fishing game. That took about two months. Today Bass Löver is getting published on Itch!

The game is turn-based and relaxing. There is not much to lose in-game. It’s an exercise in tranquility.

The code is open source, written in Lua for the awesome LöVE framework.

Wireworld Binary Adder

11 March 2023 by Wesley

I added Wireworld to the project list. This was one of my entries to the PICO-1K Jam back in Sep-Oct 2022, I decided it needs a home here. I also commented the source code of this tiny cellular automata (find it in the “Journal” section at the bottom of the project page).

There is an online version you can try in your browser (mobile works too!)

Site upgrades & migration

04 March 2023 by Wesley

Good day and welcome!

I made some upgrades to this site:

  • The primary color changed from browns to cyans
  • Replaced material icons with SVG’s
  • Added a new client-side search
  • Implemented a “News” layout (this article being the first to use it).
  • Under the hood, stripped superfluous blank lines from the HTML.

I have also started the process of migrating my repos from GitHub to Codeberg.

The process involves taking stock in a spreadsheet, reconciling latest commits of all branches in each repo, to make sure I won’t lose any data - some commits were made on other machines in the distant past. I will archive 9 of the 55 repos, to preserve outside links and possibly noting the move on those repos. Then I will migrate those projects deemed worthy to Codeberg.

Projects fit for public consumption will also be put on

Stay tuned.


This migration has been on my mind for a long time. I want to keep giving free software to the world, to the people of the world, but not to unsanctioned AI.

The prospect of any person finding anything I do useful, or a resource of learning, is exciting to me. The thought of any mega-corp taking hobbyist and/or labors of love from the masses for profit, without consent, feels wrong.

I realize everyone have different levels of investment in the projects they own or contribute to. Opinions will differ, and so will people’s choices. I respect any person’s decision regards to what they do with their code. As long as they have a choice!